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NatNet SDK

NatNet's client/server architecture allows client applications to run on the same network or computer as the tracking software (Motive). The SDK integrates seamlessly with standard languages (C/C++/C#/Python), tools (Microsoft Visual Studio), and protocols (UDP/Unicast/Multicast). Using the NatNet SDK, developers can quickly integrate OptiTrack motion tracking data into new and existing applications, including custom plugins to third-party applications and engines for real-time streaming. Learn more

NatNet SDK

NatNet SDK 4.0.0

This version of the NatNet SDK adds some improvements and fixes to the previous release. It is intended to work smoothly with all versions of Motive.

Note: The 4.0 update includes bit-stream syntax changes to allow up to 32 force plates to be streamed at once. This requires corresponding updates for each program that uses the 'direct depacketization' approach for parsing streamed data.

NatNet SDK Documentation

Camera SDK

Free SDK includes full camera control, access to 2D object data, camera synchronization, and 6DoF vector tracking. Sample apps are packaged as part of the SDK installer. Learn more


Camera SDK 2.3.6

This is the latest version that is compatible with Motive 2.3.6.

Camera SDK Documentation

Active Batch Programmer

Utility for programming OptiTrack Active hardware including Active Tags, Active Pucks, Active HMD clips, etc.This is an advanced tool for reconfiguring Active hardware after initial factory configuration.

Active Batch Programmer

Active Batch Programmer 1.6.0

This is the latest version that is compatible with OptiTrack Active technology.

Active Batch Programmer Documentation