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Motive mocap
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Optical motion capture software.

STT InSight

STT InSight

3D Motion Analyzer.

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Plugins & SDKs

Game Engine

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Unreal Plugin

Drag-and-drop wide-area VR experience creation in Unreal. Includes a modifies Oculus Rift HMD plugin that supports OptiTrack postional tracking and drift correction.

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Unity Plugin

Drag-and-drop wide-area VR experience creation in Unity. Includes real-time-interface for streaming rigid body data. Compatible with both the free and Pro versions of Unity.

Content Creation

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Motion Builder Plugin

Real-time client plugin for MotionBuilder – a collection of MotionBuilder devices, scripts, and samples – which streams markers, rigid bodies, and skeletons from Motive.

Maya Plugin

The Insight VCS Maya plugin is designed for live virtual camera work directly within Maya(R), pricing real-time camera Position, orientation, and virtual camera controls.


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Camera SDK

Full camera control, access to 2D object data, camera syncronization, and comprehensive vector tracking – a complete assortment of tools for building applications.

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NatNet SDK

Integrate OptiTrack motion tracking data into new and existing applications, including custom plugins to third-party applications and engines for real-time streaming.


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Open VR Driver

OpenVR integration for the HTC VIVE, VIVE Pro, VIVE Pro 2, Valve Index, and HP Reverb HMDs within OptiTrack systems.

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