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Motive Software Specs

Solver Features

Quantum Solver Live Skeletons/Markersets Edit Skeletons Tracks 6RB Skeletons

Marker Features

Tracks Passive Tracks Signature Pulse Active IMU Sensor Fusion

Live Camera Compatibility

Primex Series Prime Series Slimx 13 & Slim 13 Flex 13 Flex 3 Slim 3U


Software Perpetual License Additional Year(s) of Updates License Key

Current Features

Marker Tracking

Track over 1,500 markers at one time.

Supports Signature Pulse Active technology, which uses blinking powered LEDs to give unique ID values to each marker in the scene. This allows hundreds of similar rigid bodies to be tracked in real-time.

Supports passive marker technology, which uses retroreflective material to track any object.

Both rigid bodies and skeletons support a mix of active and/or passive markers.

Rigid Body and Skeleton Tracking

Track over 12 skeletons in real-time.1

Track over 300 rigid bodies in real-time.

Trained Markersets are used to track other types of objects that have hinges or deform in non-rigid ways, such as cloth, robot arms, animals, jump rope, and more.

Skeleton and rigid body tracking uses state-of-the-art algorithms that result in graceful animations, even with large amounts of occlusion.

Typical rigid body tracking yields,2

Single click creation process for skeletons, rigid bodies, probes, and HMD clips.


The calibration process calculates the 3D position and the lens distortion of cameras with an intuitive interface and easy to understand visuals.

Continuous Calibration - evaluates markers during normal system use to provide a fresh calibration, typically every few minutes.

Recalibrate a single camera or a group of cameras to quickly fix a bumped or moved camera.

Mask all of your cameras with a single click to ignore other objects or light sources in your capture volume.

User Interface

Intuitive data management and organization.

Uncommonly used properties are hidden by default, but can be unhidden by advanced users.

The Builder pane is used to create and edit different types of assets (skeletons, rigid bodies, HMDs, etc.) with visual guides.

Connected physical devices (cameras, force plates, etc.) appear in the Devices pane for simple configuration.

Data Editing and Export

Scripting is available through NMotive using Python or C#. A variety of prebuilt scripts are included to help automate common tasks.

Create or use default graphs to display your data in a variety of ways.

The Edit Tools pane includes cleanup tools (trimming tails, filling gaps, smoothing, etc.).

The Labels Pane allows markers to be manually labeled if needed.

Export data out to CSV, C3D, FBX ASCII, FBX Binary, BVH, and TRC data formats.

Cameras and Synchronization

Supports over 250+ Ethernet cameras (or up to 24 USB Cameras) at one time.

Reliable camera synchronization down to the microsecond.

Detailed control over camera properties (frame rate, exposure, gain, video mode, etc.).

Calibrated reference video with 3D visual overlays.

Aim Assist makes setting up cameras simple and easy.

Use the eSync2 to input or output SMTPE timecode, genlock, or other input data to keep your devices synchronized.

Data Streaming

Flexible real-time streaming (OptiTrack NatNet SDK and VRPN).

Create your own custom plugin for any application using the NatNet SDK. A variety of samples are included.

Free NatNet plugins are available (Unreal Engine, Unity, OpenVR, MotionBuilder, MATLAB, etc.).

SDK's and API

Use the NatNet SDK to stream data from Motive to another application in real-time. This also allows you to control some aspects of Motive remotely.

Use the Motive API to bypass the Motive user interface entirely and create your own application with Motive, but with all the tracking capabilities. This contains Camera SDK.

Use the Camera SDK to interface with cameras directly in custom built applications.

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements can vary significantly based on camera model and count. Please visit the system builder tool to find system recommendations tailored to your specific setup.

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The number of skeletons supported depends on your license type. (See the Compare page for more details.)
Tracking accuracy depends on the camera used as well as other factors such as marker distance from the cameras, marker type, and whether it is indoor or outdoor tracking.)