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Active Components

Oculus CV1 Clip - Active HMD

OptiTrack Active technology offers an alternative to passive tracking, with several benefits; primarily in Virtual Reality applications. Track areas of 100' × 100' and more with Slim 13E—the lowest cost, highest performing active tracking camera available today.

See our VR applications page for more details.

Oculus Clip

Oculus CV1 Clip $749

Part number: ACTHMD0001

Convert an Oculus CV1 into an OptiTrack Active ready HMD. Carries a factory installed Active Tag with 8 LEDs. Go beyond room scale with superior, low latency, artifact free tracking.

Coming soon
Active Puck

Active Puck $499

Part number: ACTPUK0001

A stand alone trackable object which provides lightning fast 6 DoF tracking information for any object to which it is applied, including players' hands and feet for fullbody player tracking. Carries a factory installed Active Tag with 8 LEDs and a rechargeable battery with up to 10 hour run time on a single charge.

Coming soon
Active Base Station

Active BaseStation $1,499

Part number: ACTTK0001

Synchronizes OptiTrack cameras with Active Tags. One required per tracking system.Approximately 100’ range from Base station to Tags. If you need multiple adjacent tracking systems, please contact an OptiTrack sales engineer.

Coming soon
Active Tag

Active Tag

Use one Active Tag for each object to be tracked. Supports up to 8 LEDs/Tag, providing redundancy for reliable continuous tracking. Available with flush mount, 5 mm through-hole LEDs that are black in color and emit a wide angle invisible IR pulse seen by Slim 13e or other OptiTrack Prime series cameras. If you require a different color or size of LED, please contact us.

PCB Only $249
Part number: ACTBCN0001.NL
Coming soon
PCB and LEDs (Unassembled) $274
Part number: ACTBCN0001.8LEDK01
Coming soon
PCB and LEDs (Assembled) $299
Part number: ACTBCN0001.8LEDWH01
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