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Mounts & Tripods

Insight VCS

Insight Virtual Camera System(VCS)$5,499

Part number: INVCS-PRO

A professional virtual camera system that replicates the organic cinematographer's experience with exceptional fidelity. The VCS supports multiple configurations to fit the demands of your shoot, offering a flexible approach to capturing the feel you require. Utilize the complete shoulder mount for stable and ergonomic control. Learn more...

Manfrotto Super Clamp w/ 3-way Head

Manfrotto Super Clamp w/ 3-way Head$159

Part number: TRA1010

Use this clamp to add camera mounts to sturdy tripod legs, light poles or truss structures. It can also be used on flat surfaces and pipes. Includes:

  • 1 Super Clamp (#035)
  • 1 3D Junior Camera Head (#056)
  • 1 Camera Stud (#037)
Camera Stand - 10ft

Camera Stand - 10ft $149

Part number: TR0004

Heavy-duty universal stand has a 3-shaft, 2-clutch design. Allows for maximum height adjustments up to 10 feet and will support up to 140 lbs. Features double brace leg supports, extra long legs and locking pin for sturdiness. Base spread is 38"-58", narrower than most tripods that can reach this height, and the single pole gives multiple mounting locations for cameras. A sturdy and low cost way to mount 2-3 cameras, for an installation or a mobile rig.

Wall Mount - Right Angle

Wall Mount - Right Angle $50

Part number: HDW0155

A heavy duty wall mount assembly including Speed-Rail flange and powder-coated stub-out. This wall mount is designed for mounting to studs, concrete walls, or other reinforced surfaces.

Only compatible with the Manfrotto Super Clamp with 3-way Head. Does not include mounting screws.

SLIK Clamp Head - 38 mm

SLIK Clamp Head - 38 mm $89

Part number: TRA1035

Combination of clamp and camera platform. Mounts on tripod leg or on a pipe with a diameter of 28 to 38mm.

Tech Specs
Width 95 mm (3.74")
Length 150 mm (5.9")
Height 80 mm (3.14")
Load Capacity 11 pounds
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Manfrotto Desktop Tripod Kit

Manfrotto Desktop Tripod Kit $165

Part number: TR1050

Made of rugged, heavy-duty aluminum. Each Manfrotto Desktop Tripod Kit includes:

  • 1 Tripod (#209)
  • 1 Ballhead (#492)
  • 2 Extensions (#259B)
ClamperPod 2 Mini Camera Tripod

ClamperPod 2 Mini Camera Tripod $35

Part number: TRA1040

Clamp to tubular objects from 1/4" to 1 1/2" in diameter. Attaches to any camera with a standard 1/4 × 20 tripod socket.

Facial Mocap Mounting Kit

Facial Mocap Mounting Kit $535

Part number: TR1055

Our recommended mounting kit for use with Expression. Suitable for up to 7 cameras.

  • 3 Manfrotto Desktop Tripod Kits (3 tripods & 6 extensions)
  • 4 ClamperPod 2 Mini Camera Tripods
  • 1 Giottos Mini Ballhead