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Slimx 120


A marketing statement that will sell this camera.

perspective front side back
12.0 MP
+/- 0.1 mm
3D accuracy1
300 FPS
native frame rate
1000 FPS
max frame rate2

Maximum Accuracy. Longest Range. Highest Resolution. When your application requires our class-leading 3D motion measurement precision in a very large volume, while remaining nearly invisible to casual onlookers, nothing compares with the accuracy and reliability of the Slimx 120.

Over 328 feet of range
*Bare Active marker tracking captured at night

Long Range Performance. Slimx 120 cameras offer OptiTrack's longest camera-to-marker range for Active markers. OptiTrack accuracy with more range enables huge tracking volumes for a wider variety of training and simulation scenarios, extreme ground or aerial robotic facilities, larger cinematic virtual production studios and more.

Small footprint
Primex 120 compared to the Slimx 120

Small footprint, lightweight. The Slimx 120’s shallow profile, light weight and invisible IR illumination are perfect for applications which require a discreet tracking system such as location-based virtual reality and cinematic virtual production .

Resolution markers at 100 feet Resolution markers at 200 feet Resolution markers at 300 feet

Our highest-resolution cameras enable users to track smaller markers that are both closer to each other, and farther away from the cameras.

Landscape photo taken with PrimeX camera

Slimx equals precision. Slimx cameras are designed and manufactured in-house at OptiTrack’s headquarters in Oregon to ensure our exacting quality standards are met. We design lenses with low-distortion and true 10-bit grayscale depth sensor processing which reduces noise and improves precision—resulting in perfectly crisp images, better centroids and better 3D accuracy.

PrimeX series cameras

Mix and match cameras. Systems can pair Slimx 120 cameras with any other Primex or Prime Color cameras to create the optimal infrared configuration for any use case and deliver the highest 3D tracking accuracy to any environment.


High frame rate capture. The Slimx 120's 300 FPS capture rate and image stopping global shutter can be used when your application requires precision for movement speeds above 150mph.

Camera lenses

“Fast glass” lens. We custom design our own super low distortion, “fast glass” lenses for optimal marker tracking. The Slimx 120’s standard 12mm lens is treated with a wide band anti-reflective coating, which dramatically increases light transmission to the imager, yielding larger volumes and more precise 3D data

Choose the wider-view option. For wider volumes that demand elite accuracy, the Slimx 120 is also available with a 65° x 51° 18mm wide-view lens. The additional Field of View lets users deploy fewer cameras to capture movement in wider areas.

SlimX 120 status indicator

On-camera status indicator. Slimx cameras can keep users informed with definable color LED indicator. Recording a performance? Everyone on set knows the system is recording. Select a camera? It instantly changes color. Have your own idea? Simple software controls help you make it so.

Motion capture suit stretch

Full resolution grayscale reference video. All Slimx cameras can be used as a reference video source - with synchronized, calibrated 3D overlay. Deliver and/or record full resolution, full frame rate video with 3D overlay of markers, rigid bodies, skeletons, etc.

Red camera

External sync in/out, Genlock, and Time Code. Synchronize any SlimX, Prime and PrimeX cameras to any signal or source with the eSync 2 with all the functionality and flexibility you’d expect with a professional tracking system. Cameras sync to dozens of sources including a professional cameras’ Genlock signal, where record and other event triggering can be managed from general purpose inputs and software commands.

Use the sync output signal as a master or to trigger force plates, EMGs and National Instrument DAQs for flexible yet precise hardware synchronization. Highly accurate frame timing can also be achieved with SMTPE Time Code for ease in editing and logging. OptiTrack’s free and open SDK allows for further customization within the timing protocols.

Volume setup

Expert system configuration for any space.
OptiTrack has built over 30,000 tracking systems in areas of all shapes and sizes. Our experts can help guide you on the most economical and suitable tracking system for your needs—for today and the future.

Before Continuous Calibration

Before Continuous Calibration

Before Continuous Calibration

After Continuous Calibration

It's more than just cameras. Slimx cameras work hand-in-hand with OptiTrack’s Motive 3D motion capture software featuring Trained Markersets, Continuous Calibration, Skeletal Solver and more. The Slimx cameras and Motive enable users to see and analyze tracking data to inform everything from robotics and movement sciences to video game animation, cinematic virtual production and location-based virtual reality.

OEM & computer vision Integration. Incorporate Slimx 120 cameras into OEM tracking or computer vision applications via the free SDK, a C/C++ interface for control of and access to raw camera frames, image processing modes, camera settings, 2D object data, camera synchronization and all 3D data.

SlimX 120
Slimx 120
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3D accuracy referenced is typical for a 30'×30' (9m×9m) tracking area. Range is estimated using a 14 mm marker with cameras at an exposure of 800, gain of 6, and the lowest f-stop.
Frame rate Resolution FOV (standard 24mm lens) FOV (wide 18mm lens)
300 fps 4096×3072 51°×39° 65°×51°
480 fps 4096×1904 51°×25° 65°×33°
840 fps 2048×1072 51°×14° 65°×19°
1000 fps 2048×896 51°×12° 65°×16°