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Slim 3U


A medium volute motion capture camera with excellent precision.

perspective front side back camera view camera view camera view camera view
0.3 MP
+/- 1 mm
3D accuracy1
120 FPS
native frame rate

A board level camera designed for integration in computer vision, multi-touch, and custom tracking applications.

Reality Touch Theatre

Slim 3U cameras are placed behind the screen so that when someone touches the screen, infrared light is reflected back to see the tip of the finger.

Image Processing

The Slim 3U can send a variety of pre-processed image types to the PC, resulting in more efficient imaging and system scaling. Image processing types include:

Raw Grayscale Hardware Object

Similar to Object processing, but sends selective grayscale images of markers to the PC for calculation of object data. Provides the most verbose marker information, but requires more CPU resources than Object processing.

Performs on-camera detection of marker location, size, and roundness using our most precise grayscale processing methods. Provides excellent precision with the smallest CPU footprint.

MJPEG-Compressed Grayscale
Full resolution grayscale frames, compressed on-camera for highly scalable scene video capabilities.

Raw Grayscale
Full resolution, uncompressed grayscale.

MJPEG compression
Unique to OptiTrack cameras, on-camera MJPEG compression consumes 1/10th the bandwidth of uncompressed video while still enabling real-time grayscale video at full resolution and full frame rate.

Compact, high-quality grayscale video enables image preview with multiple cameras, simultaneously—an indispensable tool for camera aiming and focusing during rig setup and calibration.

Slim3U Components

Components a la carte. Build your Slim 3U piece by piece, optimizing it as you see fit. Custom building your camera gives you the flexibility to create a hardware solution that is tailored for your own application, satisfies your unique spec, and maximizes cost-efficiency. Optional components include:


Fast, precise, and efficient capture. The Slim 3U is capable of capturing fast moving objects with its global shutter imager and 120 FPS capture speed. By maximizing its 640 × 480 VGA resolution through advanced image processing algorithms, the Slim 3U can also track objects down to sub-millimeter movements with repeatable accuracy.

OEM & computer vision Integration. Incorporate Slim 3U cameras into OEM tracking or computer vision applications via the free SDK, a C/C++ interface for control of and access to raw camera frames, image processing modes, camera settings, 2D object data, camera synchronization and all 3D data.

Slim 3U
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3D accuracy referenced is typical for a 30'×30' (9m×9m) tracking area. Range is estimated using a 14 mm marker with cameras at an exposure of 800, gain of 6, and the lowest f-stop.