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Basketball player dunks

OptiTrack for Animation

Our Prime Series of cameras and Motive software have combined to produce the largest capture volumes in the world, the most precise 3D data, and highest camera counts ever achieved. OptiTrack delivers the best-performing platform in motion capture, with easy to use production workflows and the depth you need to run the world’s largest stages.

Unmatched 3D precision

Our 3D precision is the best in the business, outperforming even the highest-resolution competition—which is why Activision selected OptiTrack to build the largest and most accurate performance capture stage in existence. Most of the engineering that went into the most capable system on earth now also resides in the rest of the systems we deliver.

An image of Motive's easy calibration of the entire body in just a few clicks.
Aim Assist Aim Assist
Aim Assist Aim Assist Aim Assist

Easy to use, production ready workflows

We think that motion capture shouldn't have to be complicated in order to deliver exceptional data. From our on-camera Aim Assist technology, to one-click subject calibration, to free developer tools—OptiTrack offers highly usable, intelligent tools that save valuable time on shoot day.

OptiTrack Motion Capture system on a film set.

From conference rooms to film sets

Our systems are designed for productions of all scales. If space is limited, you can mount your cameras out of the way on a conference room wall. When you’re ready to expand to your giant film set, we make it easy with complete interoperability between all cameras within the same series.

Brett Ineson Headshot
"We deployed 110 Prime 41 cameras to produce the largest capture volume in history. At 185’ x 80’ x 20’ of active capture volume, we doubled the size of the previously claimed record—and this on a live-action film set crowded with actors, props, and even practical effects."

Brett Ineson

CEO of Animatrik Film Design

Conference Room Volume

Wall-to-wall tracking

We engineer our lenses for low distortion—even within our very wide FOV options. Each lens' image circle is performance-matched to the imager's resolution, for true edge-to-edge coverage—and our wide band anti-reflective coating increases light transmission by up to 40%.

Incredible range

OptiTrack cameras offer the best range in the industry, by huge margins. The long-range specialist Prime 41 is able to see a 16 mm passive marker from over 100’ away.

Large Volume Face Capture

Outdoor motion capture, out of the box

Featuring ultra-powerful strobes and custom-engineered band-pass filters, Prime Series cameras track reflective markers outside, in full sunlight—with no need for special add-ons or hardware modifications. For a given passive marker size, the outdoor range of any of our cameras is half of the indoor range (at worst case conditions noon - overhead sun).  Need more range?  One customer, who regularly tracks live stage elements, tracks up to 600 ft with an active marker.

Eric Plante Headshot
"Given the high stakes involved in our massive live performance environments, our installations have to be failure-proof and the tracking must be precise—both of which make OptiTrack an ideal partner"

Eric Plante

General Manager at VYV

Invisible 850nm IR illumination

In addition to being an ideal frequency for film sets and other tracking environments that require invisible illumination, infrared LEDs offer faster discharge for quick exposures—perfect for capturing very fast motions.  And because OptiTrack cameras are optimized for IR tracking from the sensor up, they're not subject to the 50% range penalty that infrared strobes traditionally incur.

Image of the OptiTrack PrimeX 41 camera with blue ring lights

Primex 41 for $ 6,499

Global positional accuracy with zero drift

Track numerous actors and props simultaneously with globally accurate data, for a simple post-processing workflow and natural interactions between your performers.

Soccer players with mocap suits demonstrating how Optitrack can support high intensity applications while handling drift well.

Synchronized reference video
with 3D overlay

Switch any OptiTrack motion capture camera into reference mode and transform it into a calibrated and synchronized reference camera. Reference footage can be overlaid with 3D marker and bone data, creating the perfect visual reference for real-time previs and assistance with post.

Website Pricing Screenshot

Affordable pricing, right on the website

Accessible pricing is at the heart of our effort to democratize motion capture. Simply put, you will not find production-ready motion capture priced more competitively than an OptiTrack system. If you want to learn which system is right for your budget, head over to our System Configurator to compare specs and prices.

Fit more cameras into your budget

Our low pricing means you can either double the camera count you could afford from the competition, or build an even better performing system that will cost half as much. Now, read that line one more time - we’ve changed the industry forever.

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Other Camera Other Camera Other Camera Other Camera Other Camera Other Camera

The industry's most open optical tracking architecture

Our free developer tools provide access to essentially the entire optical tracking and motion capture pipeline—from direct camera access, to reconstructed 3D points, to solved skeletal data, and everything in between. This means that data streaming and solving can easily be tailored to existing workflows without rewriting your pipeline. Visit our Developer Hub to find the right SDK for your application.

image of eSync 2

External sync in/out

Synchronize your system to almost any signal or source with the eSync 2 or OptiHub 2 devices. Cameras can be sync’d to external sources such as a professional video Genlock signal, and can also be triggered to record from general purpose inputs and software commands. Motive also broadcasts a simple XML UDP packet that provides start/stop record for triggering remote devices, such as reference video cameras.

SMPTE Time Code

Users with Prime Series cameras and the eSync 2 device can stamp recorded and streamed motion capture data with SMPTE Time Code for integrating with other media and data in post.

Daniel Mellinger Headshot
"OptiTrack is amazing. We pushed our Prime 41 cameras to the limit, and their support team was with us every step of the way. Our ambitions paid off, and we were able to get a lot of interesting shots that we didn’t even think were possible when we started."

Daniel Mellinger

Co-founder at KMel Robotics

In-house Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing

Central to OptiTrack's blend of high performance and low price is our in-house manufacturing facility, located at our Oregon HQ. Because we're able to mill, etch, solder, assemble and calibrate every major component of our hardware on-site, we can pay meticulous attention to the quality and performance of your system.

Red Ethernet Cable

Off-the-shelf I/O technology

OptiTrack systems incorporate off-the-shelf interfaces like Cat6 Ethernet and USB, so securing a replacement is as simple as a trip to the electronics store.

Join the world's largest motion capture community

OptiTrack users form the largest community of motion capture professionals in the world. From enabling a quadriplegic to drive a race car with his head, to creating the largest volume in history, to teaching robots to fly—together, they are accomplishing remarkable things. Come join our public forums, where you can talk shop with other users, as well as the OptiTrack support and dev teams.