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OptiHub 2 for $329

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The OptiHub 2 is a premium, custom-engineered USB hub—essential for maximizing the capability of any USB-based OptiTrack system. It offers higher and more consistent power delivery to cameras for enhanced tracking range, simpler camera setup and cabling, and support for synchronization to external devices like shutter glasses and force plates.

Voltage regulation

On-board voltage regulation

On-board voltage regulation provides stable, consistent power distribution to cameras, unlike COTS hubs which varies the voltage based on the power load to the hub. Reliable power to every camera maximizes IR strobe brightness, resulting in more consistent tracking and fewer dropped markers.

Shutter glasses

Shutter glasses support

Both NuVision and RealD shutter glasses are now supported for integration into OptiTrack environments. External syncing allows the camera strobe and shutter glass sequencing to be staggered, reducing interference between the two. Learn more

OptiHub external sync ports

External sync in/out

Integrate OptiTrack into large scale tracking and analytical ecosystems with external sync in and out. Utilize frame triggers or free-run triggering to synchronize frame cycling with external software controls and hardware components like force plates and shutter glasses.


Hub-to-hub syncing

OptiHubs in the same chain automatically propagate sync data to all connected cameras. OptiSync provides connection topology data for cameras and hubs in relation to each other, enabling automatic camera numbering based on port location.

What is the difference between Wired Sync and OptiSync? Learn more

Sync over USB

Sync signal over USB

With OptiSync, NaturalPoint's custom synchronization system, sync signals are sent and received over the USB cable. As a result, cabling is reduced by 50%, which enables simpler setup and cleaner rigs.

Flex 3 High Power Mode

High power mode

High Power Mode is available for the Flex 13 and the Flex 3, which are specifically designed for use with the OptiHub. It allows cameras to draw additional power for the strobe, which increases effective capture range, allows for wider FOV lenses and smaller markers to be used.

OptiHub with lit LEDs

USB uplink with status LEDs

Meaningful status LEDs enable monitoring of each port's activity, including whether the port is operating in high speed or full speed mode.