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OptiTrack Launches Prime Color High Speed Camera

Prime Color

Corvallis, OR—April 11, 2018—OptiTrack today officially announced the Prime Color, a versatile high speed, high resolution video camera that delivers spectacular freeze frame images for high speed video analysis as well as reference video applications for traditional motion capture systems. This newest addition to OptiTrack’s Prime Series of high performance cameras provides the ability to integrate full color video across a number of applications.

“Both the movement science and character animation communities have been forced to cobble together inelegant and separately operated systems when recording video during motion tracking events” said Brian Nilles, OptiTrack Chief Strategy Officer. “In response, we are proud to deliver the solution for every one of our user’s needs - for video movement analysis as well as video reference during motion capture sessions. The Prime Color delivers startlingly clear, color rich images at frame rates up to 500 fps, and is simple to use in multi-camera environments with plug-and-play, single ethernet cord (POE) connectivity.”

Prime Color Prime Color

The Prime Color operates at the following resolutions and frame rates:

  • 1080p (up to 250 fps)
  • 720p (up to 380 fps)
  • 960 × 540 (up to 500 FPS)

Frequency matched eStrobes were designed specifically for operation with the Prime Color to produce color rich, blur free images at very high frame rates. These powerful LED light bars synchronize with Prime Color cameras for an ultra-efficient light source for fast exposure capture, while eliminating banding and strobing common to other solutions. Multiple eStrobes can be daisy chained to increase light output, and are easily adjusted by a sliding control bar in OptiTrack Motive software.

OptiTrack will also be releasing the Prime Color FS, which adds a software operated mechanical filter switcher to enable calibration alongside other OptiTrack cameras. This provides the ability to overlay precision 3D motion capture data on the video image for data verification as well as CG reference. The first Prime Color FS cameras will be available for delivery May 1, 2018.

Prime Color

Key features of Prime Color include:

  • Real-time Intraframe Compression: Experience lower latency and improved video quality with data compression handled on board the Prime Color at a rate of 30:1. Every frame of video contains its own information, providing the best possible data for post processing.
  • Unlimited Data Capture and Transmission: Use up to 10 Prime Color cameras simultaneously to capture multiple angles in a tracking area. Up to 8 cameras via 10 Gb/s link can be used simultaneously.
  • Flexible Lens Compatibility: Interoperability with 1 inch, ⅔ inch, and ½ inch lenses, enables creative expression and customization to meet technical needs.

Like all OptiTrack Prime Series cameras, Prime Color is powered by PoE+ via ethernet cable, simplifying setup and easily integrating with existing motion capture setups; offers single user setup with Aim Assist; features an on-camera status indicator for activity monitoring; supports synchronization with external devices; and is compatible with OptiTrack’s range of custom designed fast glass lenses for low distortion and increased light transmission, with filter options for infrared or visual spectrum light (On the FS model).

Prime Color is now available starting at $1,499 U.S. MSRP. Prime Color FS will be $1,999 U.S. MSRP. View the full Prime Color/FS specs.

About OptiTrack

OptiTrack, a Leyard Company, has established itself as the worldwide leader in 3D tracking systems by delivering the very best in 3D precision, low latency output, easy to use workflows, and a host of developer tools. Serving primary markets in Virtual Reality (VR) tracking, drone and ground robot tracking, movement science studies, and character animation for film and games, it remains the favorite solution for academia and professional teams whose tracking requirements are the most demanding in the world.

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