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Press Releases

Game Developer ZhuoHuaMG Builds Animation Pipeline on OptiTrack

Corvallis, OR — September 26, 2017 — In creating The Immortal Legend video game, Chinese developer ZhuoHuaMG established an efficient animation pipeline leveraging OptiTrack motion capture technology, which was installed by Luster LightTech Co. Ltd. More than 300 minutes of animated cutscenes were created, helping illustrate a story of how characters in different factions fearlessly search for identity.

ZhuoHuaMG leveraging OptiTrack motion capture technology

Attracted to OptiTrack for its real-time features, ZhuoHuaMG first tested OptiTrack’s systems at Luster’s Shenzhen Experience Center. Ultimately, the team opted to incorporate both an OptiTrack motion capture system and Insight VCS into their workflow, shooting at a frame rate of more than 120 FPS to capture high energy fight scenes. OptiTrack’s Motive software proved user-friendly and easy to install, while integrating nicely with ZhuoHuaMG’s proprietary facial capture system; this enabled artists to preview both full body and facial movements on CG models in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 in real-time.

After capturing performers’ movements on stage, animators used Autodesk Maya to apply CG models before completing textures, lighting and rendering in Unreal. NVIDIA’s GameWorks tool was then used to create each actor’s hair, allowing for the real-time interaction of more than one million hairs.

“OptiTrack is the cutting edge in motion capture technology, with amazing affordability. We trust OptiTrack for its stability and performance, even throughout a long shoot,” said ZhuoHuaMG CEO Xianhua Zhang.