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Press Release

The Ohio State University Spine Research Institute Validates Prime 41 for Full-Body Kinematics

Study Shows Prime 41 delivers 100 micron accuracy in large capture volumes greater than 100 m3

Corvallis, OR — June 5, 2017 — In a recently published peer reviewed article in the Journal of Biomechanics, The Ohio State University Spine Research Institute has validated OptiTrack Prime 41 camera system as “more than sufficient for measuring full-body human kinematics with skin mounted markers in a large capture volume (>100 m3).

Capture Area at The Ohio State University Spine Research Institute

Source: “Accuracy map of an optical motion capture system with 42 or 21 cameras in a large measurement volume ”, The Ohio State University, Integrated Systems Engineering, Spine Research Institute, Columbus, OH, United States; published May 16, 2017; Alexander M. Aurand, Jonathan S. Dufour, William S. Marras

The study was designed to examine the accuracy of optical motion capture systems and their use in biomechanic research specific to larger capture volumes. Using a 42 camera OptiTrack Prime 41 system in conjunction with a ThorLabs linear motion stage, the study was able to determine that 97% of the capture area had an error rate below 200 microns. In the same volume with 21 of the cameras active, that figure was 91%. In both configurations, only the extreme edges of the volume exceeded that error rate.

Read the full abstract and access to the study here.

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