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Press Releases

DAZ 3D and NaturalPoint Unveil ARENA Real-Time Mocap Plug-in for DAZ Studio

Corvallis, Oregon—August 11, 2008—DAZ 3D, a leading developer of professional-quality 3D software and models, and optical tracking technology developer, NaturalPoint today announced the ARENA plug-in for DAZ Studio, an easy-to-use and cost-effective complete motion capture solution. Being shown for the first time at the 2008 SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles, the ARENA plug-in for DAZ Studio allows full body and facial capture, rendering, as well as a real-time workflow perfect for previsualization. To obtain additional information during SIGGRAPH, please visit DAZ 3D's Booth #910, or to view a live real-time demonstration, please visit NaturalPoint at Booth #733.

"This collaboration with NaturalPoint further demonstrates our commitment to bring high-quality 3D and animation to the masses," said DAZ 3D's President and Co-founder, Dan Farr. "Additionally, it showcases the power and versatility that DAZ Studio offers. Motion capture suites traditionally cost tens of thousands of dollars, but now, ARENA's compatibility with our free software application offers users a cost-effective solution without sacrificing animation display quality."

Artists utilizing ARENA's easy-to-use solution for creating advanced motion capture sequences now gain access to DAZ Studio's robust features including a full-color OpenGL Preview, high-quality Sub Division geometry and enhanced Levels of Detail. DAZ 3D additionally offers an expanding library of premium 3D characters and content designed to be versatile, allowing compatibility with any workflow, regardless of polygonal limitations.

"One of NaturalPoint's main goals is to make motion capture more accessible," said Jim Richardson, president and CTO of NaturalPoint. "DAZ 3D shares a similar vision, and with the new ARENA plug-in for DAZ Studio, the dream of inexpensive and efficient animation and modeling can be realized."

Pricing and Availability

The ARENA plug-in for DAZ Studio will become available, as part of ARENA's upcoming software package, in September 2008.

Both the ARENA software and DAZ Studio are required for proper installation.

ARENA is offered at a price point of $2,000 USD, or as part of the OptiTrack Foundation package for $4,999, which also includes 6 cameras and additional accessories. To purchase ARENA, please visit

DAZ Studio 2.2 is free of charge and available on Windows 98® SE or higher and Mac® OSX 10.3 or higher. Each version comes with pre-configured 3D content that is ready to be loaded and rendered into fantastic art at the push of a button. To obtain a copy of DAZ Studio 2.2, register for a free account at, and then visit

About DAZ 3D™

Founded in 2000, DAZ 3D, a privately-held company located in Draper, Utah, is a market leader in 3D software and digital content creation. The company's library of characters and accessories is renowned for its high-quality, versatile and compatible 3D content. DAZ 3D also hosts the popular, a social marketplace for sharing art and exchanging ideas. For more information, please visit

About NaturalPoint

Based in Corvallis, Oregon, NaturalPoint® is the creator and manufacturer of the TrackIR™, OptiTrack™, and SmartNAV™ product lines. NaturalPoint specializes in providing innovative control solutions through optical tracking technology, and has developed tracking systems for computers, video games, military simulators, and unique display systems. For additional information, please visit

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Case Bowman
NaturalPoint Inc.

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