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NaturalPoint Announces New Optical Tracking Cameras and 3D Software Solutions

Corvallis, Oregon—June 18, 2007—NaturalPoint, Inc. has taken the first step in revolutionizing the motion capture and tracking industry with their new line of high quality, affordable optical tracking products. The release of the V100 series cameras and Point Cloud Software creates a powerful set of tools for studios, researchers, and consumers, to capture real-time 3D tracking data.

The FLEX:V100 motion capture camera offers VGA resolution at 100 frames per second, built-in strobed IR illumination, onboard image processing and comes standard with a high quality lens for amazing accuracy. Multiple USB cameras can easily synchronize to create custom tracking volumes. With a greater than 20-foot tracking range and an extensive list of features, the flexibility and value of these cameras is exceptional.

The SLIM:V100 is a perfect fit for custom designs and integration. It has all the object tracking power of the FLEX:V100 cameras, combined with a smaller profile and the ability to use a variety of accessories, including, lenses, cases, and filters.

The Point Cloud Software toolkit tracks markers in real-time 3D across multiple cameras. Packaged with a calibration tool, and providing developers with an easy means to hook into the data, significant development time and resources can be saved. Utilizing the power of the OptiTrack cameras to deliver professional grade tracking data, the Point Cloud Software makes integration into custom software quick and easy.

With the introduction of the Point Cloud toolkit, 3D marker tracking is easily achieved with three OptiTrack cameras and simple calibration. Preview your real-time capture volume and export XYZ tracking data to your custom application. This toolkit helps users dramatically expedite implementation and data retrieval by removing much of the time-consuming and resource-intensive programming previously required.

With the recently expanded OptiTrack product line, NaturalPoint continues its tradition of introducing products with amazing features and value. By advancing the motion capture industry through innovations in hardware and software, and making the technology uniquely affordable, NaturalPoint provides an entirely new arena for motion capture artists and industrial integrators to step into.

The FLEX:V100 ($549), SLIM:V100 ($249) and Point Cloud Software ($299) can be purchased directly from

About NaturalPoint

Based in Corvallis, Oregon, NaturalPoint® is the creator and manufacturer of the TrackIR™, OptiTrack™, and SmartNAV™ product lines. NaturalPoint specializes in providing innovative control solutions through optical tracking technology, and has developed tracking systems for computers, video games, military simulators, and unique display systems.

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Case Bowman
NaturalPoint Inc.

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