Software Compatibility

To confirm whether your hardware works with a specific software release, please see the
Software Compatibility Table.

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NatNet SDK

NatNet's client/server architecture allows client applications to run on the same system as the tracking software (Motive, ARENA or Tracking Tools), on separate system(s), or both. The SDK integrates seamlessly with standard APIs (C/C++/.NET), tools (Microsoft Visual Studio) and protocols (UDP/Unicast/Multicast). Using the NatNet SDK, developers can quickly integrate OptiTrack motion tracking data into new and existing applications, including custom plugins to third-party applications and engines for real-time streaming. Learn more

NatNet SDK

NatNet SDK 3.0.1

This version of the NatNet SDK adds streaming support for Motive 2.0 along with support for analog data streaming, improved latency measurements, and many other enhancements.

The 3.0.x update includes bit-stream syntax changes with the addition of analog data and other functionalities in the protocol. This will require corresponding updates for programs that use the direct depacketization approach for parsing the streamed data. The fLatency and marker offsets in sRigidBodyData have been replaced as well, so if you used these values you will need to use their replacements instead.

Camera SDK

Free SDK includes full camera control, access to 2D object data, camera synchronization, and 6DoF vector tracking. Sample apps are packaged as part of the SDK installer. Learn more


Camera SDK 2.0.2

This is the latest version that is compatible with Motive 2.0.2.