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Custom Product Development

Custom Product Development

Partner with NaturalPoint to develop custom hardware or software solutions to meet your specific motion tracking and vision needs. Our software and hardware engineering teams are available for consultation and contract work.

Custom development possibilities include:

  • Complete cameras
  • Boards
  • Lenses
  • Software
Training and Installation

Training and Installation

NaturalPoint teams are available to help orchestrate your system rollout, including installation and training.

Additionally, OptiTrack systems are available for factory pickup and training. Learn how to set up and operate your new motion tracking rig at the NaturalPoint campus. Train with your personal cameras, and when the session is finished, you can either take your new system with you or have it shipped out via UPS.

Training and installation services include:

  • Hardware installation
  • Camera calibration
  • Software configuration
  • Marker arrangement
  • Motion tracking sessions
  • Data streaming/export