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Press Releases

OptiTrack Exceeds Price-performance Standards for Motion Capture

New S250e Ethernet Camera Boasts Remarkable Speed and Accuracy for $1,899 USD

CORVALLIS, Oregon—July 27, 2010—From creating advanced animation tools for feature films to helping golfers develop a perfect swing, OptiTrack™ is blazing new ground in motion capture technology across multiple markets. Today's announcement of the S250e Ethernet camera takes OptiTrack to an entirely new level as they break price-performance records for motion capture cameras. Offering exceptional speed, precision, scalability, processing and flexibility, the S250e is available at the lowest price point on the market.

"OptiTrack's edge is a direct result of meticulous engineering optimization through the entire design and production process," said Jim Richardson, NaturalPoint® co-founder and lead engineer for the OptiTrack motion capture line. "From building all of our cameras in-house to maintaining a highly efficient organizational structure, we go to great lengths to keep costs down so that we can provide exceptionally high-quality motion capture systems at a price that is affordable for studios of any size."

The first full-feature motion capture camera for under $2,000, the S250e boasts many technological advancements including its small size, on-board image processing, software-controlled IR filter switching and some of the most advanced M12 lenses in the world. In addition, OptiTrack customers now have the ability to expand up to as many as 96 cameras in a single volume.

Benefits to the S250e motion capture camera include:

  • Speed - The S250e is capable of capturing exceptionally fast moving objects with its global shutter imager and 250 FPS capture speed.
  • Precision - Providing 832 × 832 pixels of Super VGA resolution and some of the most advanced M12 lenses in the world, the S250e can track markers down to sub-millimeter movement with repeatable accuracy.
  • Scalability - S250e systems can integrate up to 96 cameras with ease, due to the scalability, range and speed of Ethernet data transmission. Additionally, the S250e is powered over Ethernet, so only one cable is needed for each camera.
  • Processing - The S250e can send a variety of pre-processed image types to the PC, resulting in decreased bandwidth and CPU load, and more efficient motion tracking. Imaging modes include raw and MJPEG-compressed grayscale, precision grayscale, Object and segment.
  • Flexibility - Filter switcher technology enables the camera to be quickly and remotely modified to filter or capture visible light in addition to IR, allowing the customer to utilize the same S250e camera for both infrared motion tracking and visible spectrum scene video.

Demonstrations of the S250e motion capture cameras will be available at OptiTrack's SIGGRAPH 2010 booth #701, July 26-29 in Los Angeles. For additional information, please visit

Pricing and Availability

The S250e motion capture camera will ship late summer 2010 and is priced at $1,899 USD.

About OptiTrack

OptiTrack™ is the leading brand of affordable, high-quality motion capture technology. The OptiTrack product line includes: the S250e, Insight VCS, ARENA™, Expression™ and Tracking Tools™ motion capture software; and OptiTrack high-speed motion tracking cameras. Used by facilities worldwide in a variety of markets ranging from film and games to sports training and biomechanics, OptiTrack customers include Halon Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Game Studios, Method Studios, Lockheed Martin, NASA, John Deere, and other top studios and developers around the world.

OptiTrack is owned by NaturalPoint®, one of the foremost companies specializing in optical tracking technology. For more information, visit

About NaturalPoint

Based in Corvallis, Oregon, NaturalPoint® is the creator and manufacturer of the OptiTrack™, TrackIR™ and SmartNAV™ family of brands. NaturalPoint specializes in providing innovative control solutions through optical tracking technology, and has developed tracking systems for computers, video games, military simulators and unique display systems.

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